Being a client of Maria’s for almost 5 months now has been an extremely enriching experience for me.

She has a gift in connecting to people and that is because she believes in her clients with her whole being. She has a positive and calming energy that if you allow it to, reaches you wholeheartedly and results happen.

She has been helping me to see my potential in life and to care about and make conscious choices about my physical and emotional health by giving me suggestions I never thought of before. 

In the consultations all her focus is on helping you reach your goals, one at a time, with clear and attainable steps. Maria’s authenticity and strength are a huge motivating factor and if you are lucky enough to be one of her clients you will be inspired to try your best and your life will change.” – Sasha P. (NYC)

“Maria has helped me immensely in the past six months.

She has a knack of asking the right questions and gently guiding you to help you discover what’s inside you waiting to get out, whether it’s a hidden talent, the need to live in a healthier way, a new career choice or just helping you to have a new outlook on your life.

I’m now on the path to a new career opportunity I never thought possible (and didn’t have the total confidence to pursue). I feel more creative and have more information on healthier food and lifestyle choices. Maria has a true passion for her clients. She will help you to be the best you can be!” – Laura D. (NYC)

I have known Maria for almost 5 months as her client.Without any exaggeration, I found Maria to be an exceptionally great individual who is always eager to help people. I consider myself so fortunate to have had her as my coach.

I met Maria in one of her webinars on the most difficult days I had when I was in London! I remember I was hopeless and felt so miserable. She came into my life like an angel to help me! I am an Iranian woman who was brought up in a different kind of world and as a woman I had to deal with so many difficulties!

She helped me so kindly and patiently first to recognize why I had to face such problems and then how I can solve them! Her methods are unique! I told her once that they are just like a mother taking care of her child! It was absolutely helpful for a lonely woman like me to know how I can make things much easier.

She receives me with a kind of love that I can feel from such a long distance! She is supportive and she cares about her clients! Actually I could write pages about her expertise but I suffice it to say that she is genuinely nice and an absolute professional in her field. I owe a large part of my success to her and I am pleased and honored to know her in my life!” – Haleh Z. (Turkey)

“I have been working with Maria for almost a year now dealing with the effects of a personal loss suffered some time ago – a loss, which I thought I had come to terms with but realised was only hidden under layers of denial and a false sense of having healed over time.

Among a lifetime of experiences are some which are joyous and others sad – together these can define who we are or, more importantly, whom we choose to be.  Through our sessions of sharing, Maria’s compassion and encouragement – combined with the right dose of toughness – allowed me to recognise that while there is significance to both, we owe it to ourselves to allow the joyous and beautiful into our lives where both can reside without any feelings of guilt.

With this comes the realisation that the possibilities are endless, as long as we allow ourselves to be open to receive them.  I am grateful for Maria’s friendship, her support and humbled by her kindness.” – Rohit M. (NYC)

“Maria I don’t know how to thank you for everything you do for me!

You’re such an angel in my life right now! You gave me back my strength, I feel like there’s nothing I can do! Every time I experience something new or exciting I want to call you right away lol! Thanks again and I can’t wait for our next session!” – Kate P. (Florida)

“I finally did it! I refused to work during the weekend and I was terrified that my boss would freak out at me, but you were so right, everything worked out!

I truly let go of my fears this time and I had an amazing weekend with my husband and my beautiful daughter. Thank you so much for your support!” – Sarah F. (NY)

Maria I cannot find the words to thank you! I got on my scale this morning and I lost 10 pounds since I’ve been doing your detox!!! This is so amazing because I never felt like I was dieting!

You are a genius and you have an amazing gift!

My life is starting to be in a place that I love and that is thanks to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Melanie B. (Illinois)

“Maria we started to have family cooking nights and we love them. The girls are really having fun cooking and my husband helps me out now because he takes our girls to the supermarket to go grocery shopping, they pick fresh ingredients and then we start preparing dinner together.

It was such a huge difference for us! And you were totally right, it brought a brand new energy in the house. Also you would be very proud of me because I’ve been meditating every day.

I love the meditation you taught me! I’m very much looking forward to seeing you again! Your energy is so calming and positive I can really see my life changing and I want you to thank you for it!” – Mandy P. (Connecticut)

Last year I was in the emergency room with severe chest pains ,after 3 days in hospital  and an angiogram I was send home with a suitcase of meds. Maria had been my Italian teacher and when she heard she quickly became my life coach.
One year later I am without half the meds much thinner  and eating right. My Doc congratulated me today on my HDL score. Thank you Maria for changing my life for the best not only in health but in spirit.
– Sincerely, Susan T. (Chicago)

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