Summer Detox Program

My Summer Detox Program is a 4 session-program to detox your body and prepare you for the warm and sunny months ahead!

I will help you to deeply clean your body, your mind and soul.

This is the ideal time to clear out those heavy, winter foods and toxins that accumulated over the past few months.

If your systems are clogged, you may feel fatigued, achy, congested and the detoxing process allows us to feel lighter and more vibrant as we hit the outdoors again.

The four-session program is $70 per one-hour session but if you pay in full is only $250 instead $280.

The program is specific for each individual, offering a healthy and balanced diet that will help you shed the extra winter pounds and give you back your energy and glowing skin.

I meet with clients in New York City, over the phone, and on Skype. I also have a growing number of clients internationally.

This offer is limited so hurry up because spots are going fast!

Email: with the code “SUMMER

to set up your personalized “Summer Detox Program”.

Maria I cannot find the words to thank you! I got on my scale this morning and I lost 10 pounds since I’ve been doing your detox!!! This is so amazing because I never felt like I was dieting.You are a genius and you have an amazing gift.My life is starting to be in a place that I love and that is thanks to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Melanie B. (Illinois)

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