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All-you-can-eat banana and almond butter ice cream

What a beautiful Memorial Day weekend we had here in NJ! The sun was shining; the temperatures were in the 80’s…it truly was the beginning of summer! We had a nice relaxing time with my boyfriend, we went to the movies and enjoyed a few picnics in our yard. So I decided to try a […]

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The playful over-easy eggs on rosemary focaccia and roasted asparagus

If there’s something I love is to have breakfast for dinner! I love eggs in any way, shape or form, but I can’t eat them before 12:00 pm; my Italian blood doesn’t process eggs as a breakfast item. I do love them during the day though and often I make them for dinner, it’s such […]

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Mother’s Day

I personally think mothers should be truly celebrated every day, but it’s good to know that they have one extra special day on the calendar just for them! So be sure to make this day memorable for your Mom! Here are a few ideas on what to give her this Sunday: 1)      A Massage: That’s […]

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