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The efficient stuffed zucchini

One of my favorite meals when I was a child was stuffed zucchini and tiny meatballs. I remember after watching “The Lady and the Tramp” I would push the meatballs in the plate with my nose and then eat them the same way the two doggies did in the famous Disney cartoon For some reason […]

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The uplifting almond flour and organic raspberry muffins

I always prepare food from home to take with me during the week at work. On top of saving quite a few dollars, I know for a fact that what I’m eating is good healthy food. But I also love to cook and for me it’s a form of meditation. It can be methodic, without […]

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The mellow feta and tomatoes

The love for cooking runs in my family. My Mom was an amazing cook and my sister, my brother and I, all love to play in the kitchen. I love to entertain and have people over. Every year my boyfriend and I have a big Christmas party and it’s such a joy to prepare the […]

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