Crafting for courage

Please take a moment to check out this beautiful initiative to support the Japanese people!

The online store Thumbly is taking part in the Crafting for Courage initiative, to help Japanese people in deep need.

She sew natural, comfy and handy things : something that can make life eco, easier and pleasant.

And for this great cause she sewed and embroidered some items and put them in her shop and 100% of the proceeds will go to Save the Children for their work with the littlest ones in the devastated areas of northeastern Japan. Go shopping for items with the “LOVING JAPAN” title!

I just purchased the organic pencil case.

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Pray for Japan

My heart sank the other day when I turned on my computer and the first news that was staring back at my face was the devastating earthquake and tsunami that shook Japan to its knees.

I immediately thought of my Japanese friends and tried to get in touch with them to be sure they and their loved ones were safe. I heard back from everybody and they all told me they were doing ok, but some were still looking for friends and loved ones.

I watched the videos over and over and my heart goes out to everybody who was touched by this horrible event! I cannot even imagine what they are going through and it’s very important that we do everything we can to help them!

I donated to the Red Cross and I urge you to do the same if you haven’t done so already.

Here’s a link to a number of charities that are accepting donations:

Please help in any way you can and encourage everybody you know to do the same!

We need to take care of our planet Earth, we need to be considerate of the environment we live in.

I’ve always been against nuclear facilities and reading in the news now that we are facing the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl just makes me shiver.

We need to start really using what we have, solar and wind power is the way to go!

We need to let go of the greed that is blinding mankind right now, the greed for money, for ‘I want more’ and we need to go back to a more simple way of living, a ‘greener’ way of living.

I think we can all do something to make a difference. It starts in our homes, in our families, and in our communities! It’s a long road ahead of us…but it’s a road…and we all know how to walk…so take your first step, and take the people you love with you!


Sending love and prayers to Japan <3


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Daylight Saving Time

I woke up this morning at 9:00 am wondering why I was still a bit sleepy. I realized soon after that the daylight saving time was in full swing!

I have to say I’m happy it’s here!

Sure we just got robbed of one precious hour of sleep, but soon we’ll be enjoying longer days and beautiful sunsets!

If you feel a bit groggy and sleepy with the time change there are a few things that you could do to help your body adjust faster.

Be sure to open your shades when you wake up in the morning and let the natural sun light in. Also, if you can, take a nice walk or jog early in the morning, exercising will get your serotonin going!

But most of all listen to your body! This is one of the most important things you could ever do, in any situations! Your body is a very intelligent, self-repairing organism, and sometimes we just need to learn to get out of our way…

I’m very much looking forward to spring and summer! I love going to the beach and just being able to relax outside in my yard with a nice book.

Another good news is that we’ll be getting a good dose of Vitamin D now that the sunny seasons are coming up! But remember it’s not enough and your body needs Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is good for bones (Vitamin D has an important role in absorbing minerals like calcium and phosphorus two very important minerals for bones), immune system and general body resistance, it keeps blood pressure on track and also helps in reducing the risk of  certain types of cancer.

Be sure to ask your doctor what is the right dose for you. This is a must have vitamin in your home!






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