The uncomplicated kale salad

Here’s a fast and very yummy salad recipe with coconut oil.

I’m a big fan of coconut oil and I use it every day!

This recipe as always is very easy to make and you’ll feel like you are at a fancy restaurant for lunch!


Organic Kale

Organic Chickpeas

Organic Black Olives

Organic Carrots

Organic Avocados

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil

Organic Lemon

Himalayan pink salt, pepper


As always play with your ingredients…use what you need.

Wash your veggies very well.

Cut your kale in bite size pieces and place it in a big salad bowl.

Cut your avocados in small pieces and add it to the kale.

Add the chickpeas and the black olives.

Meanwhile in a pan heat up a good tablespoon of coconut oil on medium.

Slice your carrots and cooked them in the coconut oil for a few minutes, until tender.

When ready pour them and the warm oil on the salad. The heat from the oil will melt the salad a bit, but don’t worry it will not become soggy because kale is very crunchy. Add a touch of lemon, salt and pepper and voilà your fancy salad is ready!

Enjoy it!



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The comforting slow cooked chicken

I love comfort food but I always try to give it a healthy spin.

There’s nothing like a big pot of veggies and meat on the stove in a cold winter day!

It warms up your home and heart.

I made this recipe for the first time on Christmas day and  I couldn’t get enough of it!

It’s very earthy and very grounding, and as always it’s very easy to make!


Serves 4

½ cup of organic dry white wine

2 tbsp. of organic buckwheat flour

5 organic carrots cut into small pieces

1 organic shallot, minced

1 ½ lbs. organic boneless, skinless chicken thighs

1 sheet of organic puff pastry, thawed

1 organic egg

1 cup organic frozen peas

organic rosemary

organic salt and pepper

organic olive oil

In a big pot ( I use my slow cooker from Le Creuset) whisk together the oil (just a touch), add some water, the wine, the flour, salt and pepper.

Add the carrots, the shallot and the chicken, sprinkle it with the rosemary and toss everything to combine. Cover the pan and cook on medium low for at least an hour, you can check it here and there and stir it a bit.

The chicken will start to shred after stirring it. If it gets really dry add some hot water.

When you have 20 minutes left to go, preheat your oven at 400 degrees, cut the puff pastry into rectangles and place them on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Beat the egg and brush the puff pastry.  Put it in the oven for 20 to 25 minutes.

When you have 5 minutes left add the peas to the chicken.

Serve on a plate with the puff pastry and enjoy!


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The lover’s kisses

This wonderful treat is a must for the holiday season! It’s very easy to prepare and you can either serve it at your party or give it to your guests as a party favor before they leave…trust me they’ll come back for more 😉


1 cup of organic rolled oats
1 cup finely chopped organic pitted dates
1/4 cup unsweetened organic cocoa powder
1/2 cup organic almond butter
2 teaspoons pure organic vanilla extract
Pinch ground organic nutmeg
Pinch ground organic cinnamon
organic honey


Put the oats in your food processor until finely grounded. Add the dates, 2 tablespoons of cocoa, the almond butter, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon and process again until everything is mixed in and it sticks together.

Taste the mixture, if you find that it’s too bitter for your taste, add a little bit or honey or agave and process it again until it has the right sweetness for you.

Place what you have left of the cocoa powder in a small bowl.

With your hands roll the mixture into small balls making sure that everything is sticking together then dip the truffles in the cocoa powder, be sure to really roll them in it.

Chill until ready to eat and when you’re serving drizzle them with some honey or agave nectar.

Enjoy it!

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