Welcome to Spoon of Life!

Congratulations! You just took the first step towards your best life!

I’m here to guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that will bring health, happiness and prosperity to your life.

As a holistic health and life coach I believe that nutrition and dieting is not a “one size fits all”.

You are a unique individual and I will work around you and your lifestyle to help you achieve your health and life goals in a flexible and fun way that is specifically created just for you.

No matter what your goals are, I will help you get there and I will help you maintain them. From losing weight, to de-stressing your life, from increasing your energy, to healing your body I will support you step by step. I don’t believe in drastic diets, I do believe in working around your taste, what you love and slowly introducing healthier choices in your fridge and in your life.

I work in person (NYC), over the phone and via Skype with clients from all around the world.

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I’m very much looking forward to being next to you in this very exciting moment of your life.